French magazine "Pratique des Arts" (n°168)

I'm pleased to show my latest article and this time about the visual simplification when painting, and by the way capture the spectator's attention and guide his gaze to the points that interest us.

You will find it online at the publisher Diverti store:

And where you can also find my book; "Aquarelle la nature recomposée":
where I explain the basics of watercolor and the various techniques I use when I paint. 

I'm sorry they are both in French only for now.



Workshop Open House and
Collective Exhibition of Teacher Artists! :



Contemporary Art Fair

I have the pleasure of exhibiting at the contemporary art fair "art3f" ,
in Paris with
Van Gogh Art Gallery (Madrid, Spain)




The Senate presents


September 10th to 21st 2021

 at the "Orangerie du Sénat", Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris
with artists Corinne Descamps, Alex Hillkurtz and Helen Ström


Three watercolor artists gathered to exhibit their pictorial poetry. Watercolor, the medium par excellence for evoking light, supports and exalts their gaze on the city, "queen of lights" which is Paris.
The beauty of the city, thus explored through the imprint of each artist, will be highlighted through their complementary universes.





The French magazine Pratique des Arts (No. 160) honors our exhibition "SoParis"...


The N° 156 of "Pratiques des Arts" contains my contribution of technical pages on watercolor and working with sketches. (March 2021)