Originally Swedish I live in Paris, where I graduated from the École de la Haute Couture Parisienne and have since worked in creative and graphic arts. Drawing has always been present, but the desire to improve myself pushed me to attend private workshops and the Beaux-Arts de Paris. I then invested myself in drawing and painting from observation; live models, cityscapes and still life, and this is the path I continue to explore.
Contemplative, I favor the meditative moment of "observational" work where time slows down and experience leaves its mark on my paper. In this way, I paint "portraits" of what captures my interest and awakens my emotions. A beautiful light, the soul of an object, shapes or graphics are enough to make me want to paint.
I often paint my subject without prior drawing, "à la prima", without hesitation, in one flow and one session. The freshness that results is only enhanced by the hazards of watercolor.
With time I have found a pictorial language that belongs to me. I naturally seek a simplicity and I like my works to whisper in the noisy world that surrounds us.
My mediums of choice are watercolor, graphite and colored pencils.

For the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of passing on my knowledge through watercolor painting classes and my work is diversifying, thanks to collaborative projects...

I thank my publisher for believing in me and offering to publish my book, "Aquarelle la nature recomposée", Mango éditions.
American home décor publisher; One Kings Lane.com (NY), have been selling reproductions of my paintings for several years, and in early 2021 my collection of painted papers, has launched!

Photo credit: Chau-Cuongh LÊ